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Suit Care – how to add years to the wearable use of your suit.

A number of factors need to be taken into consideration when taking care of your suit.  The following tips will help to prolong your favourite suit’s life.

  • Cloth choice can be a factor in determining the expected life of a suit. Generally, the heavy the cloth chosen, the stronger the suit will be. However,  with our warm climate we can’t always choose the heaviest of weights. Through the warmer months, light to medium weighted fabrics will be the best choice. Huddersfield Linthwaite super 120s collection is a durable lightweight option.
  • The frequency that you wear your suit is the possibly the biggest factor in determining your suit’s life span. We recommend wearing a suit once or twice a week. If your suit has two trousers then you can wear the suit at least three times a week by rotating the trousers.
  • You suit will not need to be dry cleaned every week, especially your jacket. An occasional press for the jacket, and dry cleaning of the trouser once a month or so is, in most cases, more than adequate. The chemicals used to dry clean disturb the natural fibers in the cloth which in turn reduces the life of the suit.
  • Avoid the wire hanger! Always use a wide coat hanger. This will help to maintain the shape of the suit and avoid nasty stains that many cheaper wire hangers leave on garments.