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Monthly Archives: October 2013

At Zink & Sons, we’ve noticed an increasing number of customers asking to have their trouser legs narrowed of late – usually from the regular 17″ bottom width to around 15″ or even some as narrow as 14″. Customers are even bringing in their old trousers when they order new suits, so their whole wardrobe can fit in with the trend.

As you can imagine, we have a lot of experience narrowing trousers to suit our customers. Because of this, we have learned a thing or two about narrower alterations. For instance, the trouser length must be slightly shorter with the narrower bottom trouser because the trouser will sit higher on your shoe, and the shorter length eliminates “too much bunching”. Just something for you trendsetters to keep in mind when thinking about adjusting your trousers to the latest trend.

Not only are pant legs getting narrower, but it seems that jacket lengths are also diffidently becoming much sorter. Here in Australia, we are not going as short as some of the trendy Europeans, but at Zink & Sons, we are making them at least 1.5″ shorter than the average “textbook length”, which is generally at the knuckle of your thumb when your hands are relaxed by your side.

If you want to step out in a trendier suit, you can be sure that our tailors at Zink & Sons will be able to help you out in any way we can – whether it be a little nip and tuck of your existing pants and/or jackets, or providing you with a complete made-to-measure suit. We’ve got you covered.