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Dressing For Summer

November is coming to a close – maybe a little faster than we’d like – and summer is fast approaching. Our most popular cloths to wear for this time of year has to be from the lightweight wool and mohair bunches, which accommodate the warmer weather.

If you are unfamiliar with mohair, you might know more about linen, which mohair is actually very characteristically similar to. Both mohair and linen absorb and release moisture, moving perspiration away from the skin, which makes it the better and more comfortable fabric to wear in warmer weather.

But if you’ve already got your summer linen suits, why make the switch to mohair? One of the major benefits of mohair over linen is that mohair resists wrinkles better – which is great because in the heat, the last thing anyone wants to do is bring out an iron. It also means that mohair makes for a perfect travel cloth or sport jacket, giving you one less thing to worry about on your next business trip.

Many of the cloth merchants that we at Zink & Sons work with, including Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry and Huddersfield Cloth have lightweight wool and mohair bunches. However, William Halstead of England has proved to be our most popular supplier, with many customers leaning towards their French navy coloured mohair for a classic look.

If you’re still not convinced, visit us in-store to see a sample of our cloths for yourself.