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Monthly Archives: January 2014

What better way to kick off the New Year and make a fresh start than with a new suit?

This year, we recommend looking into a versatile three-piece suit. A three-piece suit consists of the normal suit jacket and pants, but also includes an extra piece – the waistcoat – adding an extra dimension to your appearance. Three-piece suits have been appearing more frequently in the collections of designers and suit makers, suggesting they’re making a return to fashion.

A three-piece suit is versatile because you can wear the full jacket and waistcoat in the coming cooler months, then take off the jacket on hot summer days to be more comfortable – while retaining the formal look of a suit.

Three-piece suits help give you that extra edge in standing apart from the crowd – there aren’t too many around! Waistcoats generally have a trimming effect and also help to hold your tie firmly in place.

We recommend a traditional Prince of Wales or a windowpane check for your three-piece suit. You can also flip through our favourite swatch book, Blenheim 2 from Hunt & Winterbottom to find a great check pattern.

If you’re still not convinced, visit us in-store to see a sample of our cloths for yourself.