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Zink & Sons in The Australian

The article analyses the rise of bespoke tailoring and male interest in styled clothing. We’re excited to tell you we’ve been featured in The Australian’s ‘Cool Cuts’ piece on the resurgence of tailored clothing in Australia.

It also showcases an image of our new photo shoot, soon to appear as part of a concerted media campaign on our website.

The campaign is aimed at attracting a younger crowd to Zink & Sons. We’ve got Bondi surfer and incredible-beard owner Jimmy Niggles on board, who’s growing his beard to raise awareness for skin cancer checks. The photos showcase men of different ages getting dressed up in new tailored suits.

It’s part of our offering for younger people interested in tailored fashion. We have made-to-measure suits and tailored sports jackets – an excellent entry point for young people looking to upgrade their wardrobe. Also on offer are chinos, popping prints and textures, and stylish ties.

Younger men have become more knowledgeable about fashion and clothes, and more willing to spend money to look good. They’re looking at Tumblr on their phones then coming in with photos to help us tailor something they want. They’re really passionate about their fashion.

The advantage of bespoke tailoring is that clothing can be made in any style or colour, and is guaranteed to fit any body type.

That’s something we love about bespoke tailoring. We get to guide our customers to styles and fabrics they like – even if they’re not sure what they want when they set out. And we get to make the clothes fit any body type, no matter if you’re taller or shorter than the average fit.

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Read the article here.