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Winter Suits

Winter is coming….

Now is the time to get started on your winter suit.

Winter flannels are perfect for the colder months. In Sydney, a medium weight flannel is probably the best option during winter. Hunt & Winterbottom’s “Winter classics” come in weights of 9-11oz which is actually considered “light” for a flannel. We also have flannels available in heavier cloth for the colder states.  Something plain or patterned, such as herringbone, would be just fine for your next winter suit.

Our favourite swatch books:

Winter Classics by Hunt & Winterbottom, 9oz-11oz Flannel made in Italy. Great medium weight flannel cloth, perfect for Suitings. Large range of plain colours as well as bold checks and stripes

Classic Flannel by Holland & sherry, 9oz-11oz made in England, another great weight for suitings. Large range of plains as well as herringbone and window pane checks