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Monthly Archives: August 2014

the double-breasted look is back this spring.

Even though the style has been around since the 1920s, the double-breasted jacket is back and many are discovering this stand-out style for the first time.
In the 1920s is when it was christened the “drape cut” by a London tailor whose most famous client, the Prince of Wales, made it his signature style.

In the 1930’s American men took to the look with Hollywood actors flaunting it in films.

double-breasted suit

One of things I noticed during my recent trip to Italy was that a double-breasted blazer can be worn for all types of occasions — it is no longer exclusively formal-only attire .

A few points to consider when fitting a double breasted suit:-

A double-breasted jacket accentuates the shoulders, so care must be taken in the proper balancing of the shoulder width and the more tailored waist.

A subtle, yet effective, cut is often needed to ensure that your torso is not being dwarfed by oversized shoulders and that your waist is not slimming too abruptly in comparison. Softer shoulders are often a requested feature to help accentuate this look.

The jacket should skim your torso, not hug it. You want the jacket to sit well on your body.

Shorter length jackets are particularly popular at the moment. The shorter silhouette often compliments shorter men.

Going double-breasted is an attention grabber. When you are being noticed, you definitely want your suit to stand out for the right reasons.