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Fortis Green Socks

Fortis Green have redefined the luxury men’s dress sock by identifying every aspect of sock design, materials, manufacturing and finishing and then engineering each component to the highest possible standards.

Their strong geometric designs and compelling colour combinations are inspired by 1930’s Art Deco poster art, giving their range both a bold personality.

Fortis Green socks have been engineered to eliminate all the common technical bugbears. Producing dress socks from mercerized cotton has eliminated the possibility of shrinking or pilling. Reinforcement at the heel and toe means less chance of wearing through. Manufactured with a single rib welt, your Fortis Green socks will stay up all day without tight elastication at the calf and our hand-linked toes create a truly seamless feel.

Our Egyptian mercerized cotton has been treated by Swiss textile company HeiQ to create a finished product with a super soft luxury feel on the foot, combined with practical antibacterial properties.

The end result from Fortis Green is the men’s luxury sock defined.

Zink & Sons is proud to stock a selection of Fortis Green socks for our clients.