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Monthly Archives: July 2016

With the Spring approaching, we are sure that those amongst our clients who are taking the big step this wedding season will be considering the most appropriate style for their special wedding day suit.

We have pulled together a style guide to help you look and feel great on this special day.

Tailor made suits tend to have many options, so trying to decide on what to wear on the big day can become quite daunting.
Style options for the wedding day can be quite extensive. Traditional tuxedos suits or dinner jackets, three-piece suits, a classic two-piece or something bolder to make a statement?

Consideration of the location and style of the wedding (of course determined by your prospective bride!) should be taken into account and will help guide you towards the most appropriate direction of style.

Choosing the cloth will be guided by the style you choose. Options include Tuxedos in a dark midnight wool and mohair, diner jackets in a pure wool off-white, and three-piece suits in a French blue to be matched with a brown brogue shoe.

Plain colours tend to be the most popular choice for wedding suits unless you wish to opt for a eccentric look.
Bright coloured or patterned inner linings are great for your wedding suits. Choose from a range of bright colours to match your personality.
A Bespoke shirt is important for the outfit. The tailored fit needs to be consistent throughout the whole outfit. White is often the most popular choice and having a bespoke shirt guarantees a perfect fit.
Once your outfit has been completed we then discuss matching accessories such as tie, pocket hanks, and Boutonnière
We also have a beautiful range of Fortis greens socks which will help add to the outfit.

wedding suits

To discuss all of your wedding suit options, book your wedding suit consultation through our online booking form.


Monthly Archives: July 2016

A new selection of Fortis greens socks are now in store to purchase.
The range includes a great selection of checks, stripes and polka dots.
All socks are designed in Melbourne, then manufactured and hand finished in Portugal using premium Egyptian mercerized cotton.
The result has outstanding colour, vibrancy, and eliminates any shrinking and pilling.

All socks are on display in our showroom, prices $30


Monthly Archives: July 2016

Spring is fast approaching so now is the time to get started on your spring carnival racing attire.
With spring carnival growing in popularity, men’s fashion definitely is taking its place ‘front and centre’ next to what has traditionally been a focus on ladies fashion.
Our advice, gentlemen? It’s time to take what you’re going to wear this year seriously!

Leave your everyday business suit at home. Choose something which will make more of a statement. Checks including a classic Prince of Wales or a Window Pane are a great choice in a mid grey or light blue.
If checks aren’t your thing then we suggest you stick with a plain in a lighter shade of navy or grey.
If you stay with the plain option, make sure you pair the suit with a strong patterned shirt or tie. Floral ties have become very popular and look great at Spring Carnival because they add a whole lot of colour.
Pocket squares are a must, try to blend in the colour to match with the shirt as well as complimenting the suit. If possible, aim for three levels of colour/pattern – think 1. tie, 2. shirt, 3. pocket square. rather than matching your tie with the same colour/pattern as your pocket square.

We have a huge selection of fun patterns and colours for the racing season, so book in a consultation and let us help you pick your outfit.