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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Introducing Dormeuils new Amadeus 365.

Dormeuil’s famous Amadeus cloth now comes in a lighter weight version, a timeless suiting fabric ideal for all seasons.

The  English made Amadeus 365 weighs 260 grams or 8.5oz which is perfect for Sydney’s warm climate.

The secret of this new must-have from Dormeuil is its innovative compact yarn which has been developed and manufactured for an extremely precise weaving process. Suits made from the Amadeus 365 are comfortable with a perfect and modern line. The new bunch has a great selection of richly coloured glen and window pane checks as well as a huge selection of plain and textured patterns.



Monthly Archives: March 2017

A jacket can last a lifetime if it is well looked after. However,  a trouser does take considerably more effort to last the distance.

We therefore suggest to our clients that a second trouser is always a good idea when ordering your suit for the following reasons:

Wear & tear: males tend to be quite rough on trouser wear, their legs(mainly upper thigh) can cause continuous rubbing which can cause holes in the crouch area, also material shin can also be an effect. Two trouser with each suit allows you to rotate each trouser betweens wears which will help extend the life of your suit.

Cleanliness: dry cleaning your suit should be done as little as possible to preserve the natural fibers in your suit, airing out your trouser between wears helps with keeping dry cleaning to a minimum. Having two pairs of trousers lets you wear one while the other airs and also drys out, which also helps with the wear and tear.

Style options: the second pair doesn’t always need to be exactly the same style or cut, often we make the second pair a different style, belt loops and buckles side adjusters, or a different cut with the second pair being a wider or slimmer cut to suit different occasions.


Monthly Archives: March 2017

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Monthly Archives: March 2017

If you’re in the market for a new suit to start the year. Here are some options to consider.

The classic mid navy two-piece suit.

Yes, this has been quite popular for many years but for good reason.
This suit is without doubt the “safest” suit in the wardrobe. For important meetings, or simply feeling indecisive, of what to wear that day, then your mid navy suit is the best option. Paired with a white shirt, maroon or blue tie and black shoes it’s hard to disappoint with this combo.


Mid grey birdseye suit.

birds eye grey suit
If you’re looking for a slight lighter shade of suit then the mid grey birdseye is perfect. Birdseye patterns have been around since the dark ages but are still highly regarded and hugely popular. This small texture pattern keeps dressing simple by making it easy to match many coloured and pattered shirts and ties. Also can be worn with black or brown shoes.

The Check suit.

check suit
This option may be a little daring for some but matched perfectly with the right shirt and tie combination a check suit can look sensational, even for the office. The check suit does not need to be restricted to brighter colours. Navy base colour with a matching line through will also look great. A more a subtle shirt and tie often allows the suit to stand out. Currently plain shirts and textured ties are very popular.

The check suit can look very stylish as a three-piece suit, if you’re daring enough to add a waistcoat and really make a statement.


Monthly Archives: March 2017

We often recommend that your casual trouser the buckle side adjusters rather then the belt loops. However, the use of buckle side adjusters need not stop at casual wear as men have been having their everyday work or formal suits made with buckles side adjusters for centuries.

The debate as to which is the best way to go continues today. So here are our thoughts on the subject..

A tailor made suit is made to specific waist measurements, so there should be no need for a belt. However in saying that, belts can add a touch of style and colour to your suit. (Be sure however, to match your belt with your shoes!)

It’s often thought that a belt can make you look shorter as it breaks up the body, this may not be good for some but for the taller gent this could work in your favour.

Side adjusters are my favourite style; I don’t wear many trousers, if any at all, with belt loops these days. I feel having your trouser with side adjusters is a simpler approached, avoiding choosing belt colours and matching shoes. The side adjusters also enhance the line of a well fitted trouser, keeping a consistent line down the trouser.

The side adjusters can be tightened approx. 1.5” which is good for the gent whose waistline may fluctuate through the day. However it can not go the other way and be made larger.

For those of you who get two trousers with your suit, why not try buckle side adjusters on your next visit. We can make one trouser with loops, one with adjusters.