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Buckle side adjusters or Belt loops

We often recommend that your casual trouser the buckle side adjusters rather then the belt loops. However, the use of buckle side adjusters need not stop at casual wear as men have been having their everyday work or formal suits made with buckles side adjusters for centuries.

The debate as to which is the best way to go continues today. So here are our thoughts on the subject..

A tailor made suit is made to specific waist measurements, so there should be no need for a belt. However in saying that, belts can add a touch of style and colour to your suit. (Be sure however, to match your belt with your shoes!)

It’s often thought that a belt can make you look shorter as it breaks up the body, this may not be good for some but for the taller gent this could work in your favour.

Side adjusters are my favourite style; I don’t wear many trousers, if any at all, with belt loops these days. I feel having your trouser with side adjusters is a simpler approached, avoiding choosing belt colours and matching shoes. The side adjusters also enhance the line of a well fitted trouser, keeping a consistent line down the trouser.

The side adjusters can be tightened approx. 1.5” which is good for the gent whose waistline may fluctuate through the day. However it can not go the other way and be made larger.

For those of you who get two trousers with your suit, why not try buckle side adjusters on your next visit. We can make one trouser with loops, one with adjusters.