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Monthly Archives: September 2017

For business suiting, there are two main lapel styles you should consider.

Notch lapel

This lapel is the most classic lapel shape we make for business suits. The notch lapel can be made at any width but the most common width we do is from 3” – 3 1/4”. If you are  after a classic style of suit, which modestly fits within the crowd, then this is your best option. If you are a slimmer build your lapel width will work best at 2 3/4”

Peaked lapel

This is a great lapel shape, and actually my favourite!

This can be a more formal option of lapel but still not too formal for the office. The most classic width for the peaked lapel is  3 1/2”, this can also be narrowed if preferred or in my case widened. I like to create my own suits with a 4 1/4” lapel, I love the way a wide peaked sits across the front of your shoulders.

For formal suits, including Tuxedos we can also add the Shawl lapel to the list, predominately used for tuxedos, keeping this lapel a 3” with a wider top is our most popular choice, and of course like all our options can be tailored to your preferred width.


Monthly Archives: September 2017

Spring racing is upon us once again. Now is the time to start putting your order in for the perfect racing attire.

Lighter shades will dominate the men’s fashion scene this year. With blue/navy being the most obvious choice last year, mid grey and lighter grey looks to be the colour of choice.

Spring racing is a time to be daring with the pattern choice, if you’re game enough to steer away from plain then try something with a bold check or stripe through it.

Casual separates, which was very popular last year, is still very on trend for this years spring racing. Navy colour jackets with a light fawn or cream trouser is a great classic look that can never go wrong.