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Choosing your cloth

Choosing the cloth for your suit can at times be challenging. I have looked through fabrics with customers for hours and some for only minutes. Everyone has their own method to choosing their suit cloth, but if you follow my process the choice should be smooth.

Weight: Initially we need to work out what the suit will be used for. A winter business suit? or perhaps a summer wedding suit? This will determine whether you go or a medium or lightweight cloth. If the suit is for business wear and you want durability opt for something in a medium weight. If you feel the heat quite easily (understandably in Sydney) then always go for a lightweight cloth and consider and extra trouser to extend the suits life. A summer wedding screams lightweight. Cloth with a composition of linen, silk and wool can be the perfect choice.

 Colour and shade: usually you will have a good idea on which colour direction you want go with. You may have had a blue suit last time and want to mix it up with a grey this time round or you might only like to wear blue. From here its best to get a few shades of your chosen colour out and match it up with skin tone or the occasion for the suit.

Textures and patterns: do you want something bold? A bold check perhaps or a subtle check… something plain or something with a small texture running through the cloth. The safest option for a business suit is to stick with subtle textures or checks, these are perfectly fine for the business environment. Mix it up from what you chose last time round. Its good to have the wardrobe full of a mix of different options.