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Bespoke Shirts

Our latest range of shirt fabrics has just arrived into our shop for our Bespoke shirt range.

  • from 100% cotton to pure linen to mix blends we have shirts fabric options for any occasion.
  • collar and cuffs style choice tend to be the most important decision to be made here. We have a range of collar and cuff samples on display, you can choose either one of these or tweak either style to suit your needs. The three main collar styles are normal, half-cutaway or cutaway and our most popular cuff choices are generally double(French) cuff or single cuffs
  • We offer body cut choices, slim, tapered, normal or loose. So getting the perfect fit you’re after is simple.
  • We also off personal embroidery, so you can have your initials sewn into the cuffs or shirt body.
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