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The correct lengths for sleeve and legs

The debate of the perfect jacket sleeve length will go on forever but in my option it is personal taste. For myself I like to go with a shorter sleeve length so I show more shirt cuff but this is not for everyone. The most common amount of shirt cuff to be shown is approx. ½ inch. So we aim the jacket sleeve to finish at the wrist and the shirt cuff the sit just below that leaving 1/2-inch of the shirt cuff visible.

The trouser leg length is also personal taste. The classic and most common length we do is for the back of the trouser legs to sit straight to the heel and the front of the legs to have a slight break. With the narrow cut trouser legs, which are very popular these days, the trouser bottoms will sit higher up on the shoe which means the trouser legs need to be cut shorter to reduce the break at the bottom.