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Revive some of your old suits – even if its not one of ours!

We offer an alteration service to any suit.

Four Alteration suggestions that can revive your older suits


Having the correct sleeve length is very important. We usually prefer to aim around the wrist area, that way the shirt sleeve can extend out approx. 1cm or more from the jacket sleeve cuffs. We can either shorten the sleeves from the cuff end, moving the buttons or we can shorten the sleeves from the shoulder by removing the sleeves and re-attaching them. The alteration from the shoulder is needed if the sleeves have open or working buttonholes.


Whether your suit was originally cut too wide through the waist or you have dropped down a kilo or two, taking in the side seams of the jacket to give a slimmer line through the jacket body is very important. We can alter the jacket waist from the back seams or the front seam, depending on where the extra fabric lies.


When your trouser legs are too long it can be quite noticeable because above the shoe your trousers will bunch quite a lot. It’s not a good look as this will make the trouser bottoms look wider and untidy. Modern narrow cut trouser legs make it even more important to have the length just right.


Baggy legs or flared bottoms just don’t cut it anymore. Tapering the trouser legs can give a much slimmer and modern line down the trouser legs.

I’m sure many of you have trousers and suits sitting in the back of the wardrobe that you just wouldn’t dare wear these days due to the wider cut of the trouser, we can slim them in to make them look like the cut everyone is wearing today.