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Are you thinking about adding or updating the Tuxedo. Here is everything you need to know about choosing the right tux for you.


When people think tux they tend to think Black but you may be surprised to hear that our most popular choice for tuxedos is the midnight navy, which is a very dark navy shade. This is paired with the usual black satin lapels and buttons. Traditionally tuxedos have always been made using a very dark navy colour and it is still the way today. Black of course is still common, we recommend a matt finish black, if the black cloth has too much of a sheen then this can come across as a grey look in photos. White or more commonly off-white/cream is great for a jacket only combination with a black trouser, this attire can be worn for any black ties events but is perfect for grooms suit at a formal wedding.


There are many tuxedo styles however, my recommendation is single breasted one-button. This is a style that will never date and always be perfect for any formal event. With the single-breasted style you will have the choice between two lapels, peaked or shawl (round) lapel. These are only two I would recommend with the other types of lapels being too casual for a formal tuxedo. The width of the peak and shawl lapels can be tweaked to your liking, I like wide which is no secret but we can cut your lapel to the width you feel most comfortable with.