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Monthly Archives: October 2019

A change in seasons is the perfect opportunity to look at your wardrobe and decide what next. Who do you want to be this season? What suit colours do you want to take for a spin? We’ve got some suggestions to help you greet summer in dapper style.

And if we’re talking about trying new things, colour comes to mind – warmer weather calls for lighter, brighter colours. If you have a few suits you’re rotating, chances are there is a navy and a grey in there. Nothing wrong with that (in fact, they’re essential for a business wardrobe), but if you wear a suit five days out of seven, it’s not a bad idea to bring something different in your suit rotation, something that will get you a compliment or two (if you don’t mind those).

Results are in, and our research (and numerous style experiments) have put these colours on top.

Suit colours to greet summer in


If you’re really up for an adventurous summer, brown is the new navy, say the fashion experts (if you consider Ryan Gossling a fashion expert). Brown, chocolate, or caramel, may have initially been seen as a throwback to the 70s, but brown is here to stay, especially if paired with a fine cloth and a sleek two-button style. It’s easy to wear, and it spells ‘style aware’. Stay with a modern style and you’re onto a winner.


You probably could see that one coming. Bring in the pastels. Nothing says calm, relaxed, yacht party more than a pastel suit. Icecream shades like light green or peach have been very popular on this year’s runways. Pastels may not be for everyone, but if you’re game to try, come visit us in the shop. We have some exquisite high quality pastel cloths for you to test.


Green is not exactly making a come back, like brown is. It’s making more of a debut into the suit landscape, with people like Timothee Chalamet introducing it to the suit hall of fame. What happens after this debut is anyone’s guess, but ours is that green is also going to stick around as a favourite for a while. If you want to go extra daring, try a pastel shirt and tie, or go with the classic white – the effect will be powerful either way.


Burgundy is a great colour if you’re looking to try something else, but don’t feel quite ready for a brown or a green. Or maybe they just don’t feel like your colours.  The good news is that it compliments most skin types, and it can produce a fantastic effect if paired with a light pink shirt and a navy tie. Add a pocket square and you’re on your way to a dapper season.

How to wear colours

So you’ve made the choice and went with adding some summer colour to your wardrobe. Great! Now how to style it so you look your best and like you know what you’re doing? Start with two complimentary colours and when that start to feel comfortable, work your way to colour clashes, best tested with accessories like a tie, socks or pocket square.

Stay dapper, pay us a visit

If you’re ready for a wardrobe change of pace this summer, pay us a visit and let’s plan your escape to a stylish summer. Make a booking online.