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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Christmas presents can get a bit of rap, for all the indecision and choice fatigue they can induce, not to mention choosing forgettable presents. We want better for you, which is why we put together three great presents for the special people in your life, or even for your own wishlist.

The bespoke shirt experience

This is not just a present in a box. The bespoke shirt an experience. Gifting this will welcome the lucky present recipient into the world of bespoke tailoring, of having something made just for you, with your exact body fit in mind throughout the process. We have ten luxurious cottons to choose from and they come beautifully wrapped in a shirt box. The box is just the beginning.

The Albert Thurston braces

Albert Thurston have been making braces since 1820, so it’s fair to say they not only know what they’re doing, but they have perfect the art of the brace. Having one in your wardrobe is not just another item, it’s a piece of luxury, of craftmanship, of ultimate style. And if that’s enough to convicne of how special these braces are, the black Moire braces even made it into James Bond’s wardrobe, and yes, we have them in the shop.

The Zink & Sons bespoke gift

A bespoke tailoring experience is one of life’s unique experiences. You have to live it to understand it and appreciate it. For many it has been on their wishlist for a while, others are converts and are already planning their next bespoke garment. Either way, a bespoke gift voucher from Zink & Sons is a winner.

So there you have it, three presents to help you avoid decision fatigue, or worse, the curse of the forgettable present. We look forward to helping you choose in the shop. We are open until the 23 December and we re-open on Monday 6 January.


Monthly Archives: December 2019

Choosing the perfect shirt for every occasion is a fine art. There are many things to consider with men’s shirts: colour, style, cut, collar, buttons, but we’re going to start with the fabric. Because if you think that’s less important, well, you’re not right. The cloth, as always, can make a big difference to how a shirt feels and looks when paired with the rest of your suit.

We’ve done the research, and we’ve rounded up five must-have shirts for your wardrobe.

A warning about the names: most shirt fabrics are cotton, so the fabric names often come from the weaving method.

The Oxford

You can’t go past the white Oxford. It can be great for both casual shirts and for a more formal environment. Oxford cloth is soft and comfortable to touch, so it is ideal for button-down collared shirts. A white Oxford shirt works for everyone in most occasions (hence why it’s a must have!) but it’s particularly well suited for a smart casual look. Think a bit like Don Draper in his Madison Avenue skyscraper office – likely his everyday go-to shirt.

When an oxford white shirt is interwoven with a finer yarn, it’s called a pinpoint – great for everyday work shirts but not so much formal events. This fabric is slightly heavier than a standard Oxford, which makes it more durable too. Think business meetings and dinner dates.

A Royal Oxford fabric is similar to an Oxford fabric. It is still a textured shirt fabric but the weave is finer and it has a dressy shine. Pair it with an elegant business suit and tie for a more formal occasion.

The pale blue broadcloth shirt

Broadcloth (aka poplin)is an essential fabric in any man’s shirt collection. Its tightly woven fabric gives the shirt a flat, smooth look, another great option for everyday office wear. Broadcloth is breathable and lightweight, so it’s perfect in warmer weather. Why pale blue, you ask? It goes with every single colour suit you might have, and it says great things about you: business, decisiveness, style.

The twill shirt

Twill has a softer weave, which makes it less crisp then some other fabrics. That difference in texture comes with great benefits though: it drapes well, which makes it perfect for long days. It also makes it a great travelling shirt. It can have a slight shimmer because of the tight diagonal weave. Which leads us to its most enviable feature: it’s easy to iron and does not wrinkle easily. Every man needs a few twill shirts in his wardrobe.

The linen shirt

Linen has made a big comeback in men’s style over the last few years. And rightly so; it is highly breathable, thanks to the loosely woven, flax fibres. While it is soft to touch, linen does have one significant drawback: it wrinkles very easily. However, if you’re not getting ready for a board meeting day, the relaxed linen look might just what you need. In fact, just try it, and our guess is you will learn to love the soft wrinkles.

A linen and cotton blend is also an option, as the cotton weave reduces the wrinkling factor. You can choose dyed linen, but the natural flax colours also look great and summery – think groomsmen in barefoot wedding parties sporting white linen shirts.

The end-on-end fabric shirt

Shirts crafted from end-on-end fabric are excellent for dress and business occasions. The white thread is interwoven with darker colours and what looks like a solid block of colour from a distance, is really a textured weave. End-on-end fabric is lightweight, another good option for the warmer months.

So, you now have an idea of what fabrics you should have in your shirt collection. If you want to know more about which fabric will complement your body shape, style (and your suits) get in touch with Zink and Sons and we can guide you step by step through choosing the best shirts for you.