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Give the gift of style this holiday season

Christmas presents can get a bit of rap, for all the indecision and choice fatigue they can induce, not to mention choosing forgettable presents. We want better for you, which is why we put together three great presents for the special people in your life, or even for your own wishlist.

The bespoke shirt experience

This is not just a present in a box. The bespoke shirt an experience. Gifting this will welcome the lucky present recipient into the world of bespoke tailoring, of having something made just for you, with your exact body fit in mind throughout the process. We have ten luxurious cottons to choose from and they come beautifully wrapped in a shirt box. The box is just the beginning.

The Albert Thurston braces

Albert Thurston have been making braces since 1820, so it’s fair to say they not only know what they’re doing, but they have perfect the art of the brace. Having one in your wardrobe is not just another item, it’s a piece of luxury, of craftmanship, of ultimate style. And if that’s enough to convicne of how special these braces are, the black Moire braces even made it into James Bond’s wardrobe, and yes, we have them in the shop.

The Zink & Sons bespoke gift

A bespoke tailoring experience is one of life’s unique experiences. You have to live it to understand it and appreciate it. For many it has been on their wishlist for a while, others are converts and are already planning their next bespoke garment. Either way, a bespoke gift voucher from Zink & Sons is a winner.

So there you have it, three presents to help you avoid decision fatigue, or worse, the curse of the forgettable present. We look forward to helping you choose in the shop. We are open until the 23 December and we re-open on Monday 6 January.