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Style choices for the bold gentleman

Oscar’s men’s fashion is still hot of the press, and it features, as always, the traditional, the daring, and the outrageous celebrities.

Nothing wrong with stepping a little out of the accepted fashion norms and emerging trends. In fact, GQ declares this year ‘the biggest red carpet statement is being absolutely yourself’. That’s where we want to start. There is nothing better than feeling like yourself in your clothes.

And sometimes our best selves crave some boldness, some non-conformist style moments that announce what we’re about to the world, and to ourselves.

In men’s style, there are different ways to go beyond the classic. You can opt for a style shift, a different texture, a cut that stands out, or even a mix of prints. But try to keep it to one statement at a time, especially if it’s new territory for you.

And remember, daring may not be the best choice for every occasion – interviews may not be the place to announce your style aplomb. Or it may be just the occasion, depending on your profession. Trust your instincts.

Yes to pleats

Before you scroll past this and decide pleats are not for you, wait a second. Yes, pleated trousers may bring back flashbacks of Cary Grant or Fred Astaire (not too bad, right?), or even their less-fortunate 80s incarnation. But, tradition works best when it’s modern, so don’t head to bygones eras for inspiration. In fact, forget about them. Pleats in trousers have been reinvented for our times.

The slim-line low-waist trouser may have received all the love of late, but there are better options. The waist is where you start showing great style. If tailored well, pleated pants can be comfortable, stylish, and flattering. Not only that, but they announce that you know how to dress yourself and you’re not afraid to do it.

Fun fact: did you know that flat-fronted trousers were first created by necessity during wartime fabric rationing? I bet the transition took some adjusting of comfort levels.

The velvet jacket

Maybe you already have known the luxurious feel of real velvet in a lapel for a tuxedo, or a bow tie. In that case, how come you haven’t acquired your own velvet jacket yet?


Stand apart from the rest of the cocktail-suited men

If texture is how you want to experiment, you can’t go past velvet. You’ll stand apart from the rest of the cocktail-suited men. If you want that one piece that feels luxurious and looks James Bond-like, velvet has your back.

You could go for a full suit, yes, but mix and matching a velvet jacket is our advice. You will look nonchalant – the perfect mix of elegant and effortless.


Another bold move in textures is corduroy. Its reputation may take you back to retired academics, poets or librarians. But daring is all about ignoring previous stereotypes.

In its new life, corduroy is the informal alternative to velvet. And while this post is not about trends, there is no denying that a few famous men brought corduroy to its well-deserved style status. That’s about all Wes Anderson ever wears, but also men like Bradley Cooper and Timothee Chalamet have given it a heads up.

Cord suits are very versatile, they can take you from the office to a more casual occasion seamlessly. Corduroy is another nod to the fact that menswear these days aims to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Whether a full suit or just a jacket, give it a try.

Mix your patterns

Not clashing your patterns may seem like good advice to abide by, but you’d be missing out on some truly stylish combinations. The trick here is to do it deliberately, and in ways that clash harmoniously and enhance each other.

If you feel like you have an eye for it, just go with your instinct. If not, there are a few simple rules: play with proportion, match small and large patterns, and different types of patterns, like stripes and dots. If you only want to deep your toes into it, then start with a an accessory like a tie or pocket square, or the contrast lining.

Double-breasted jacket

Another blast from the past, the double-breasted jacket is another statement piece that will announce your brand of daring. First of all, it’s undoubtedly flattering, as many a Hollywood men can attest. It’s nostalgic and elegant. And it shows you’re interested in style and you know what you’re doing.

Bold it with a double-breasted jacket

But if there was one way to describe the DB, that would be bold. No, not Bond, although the association is justified.

As tailors, we love nothing more that bringing your vision of how clothes can best express who you are, so book a time, and let’s get you started on being dressed at your best.

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