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Full Bespoke suits are the centrepiece of our business and it’s what our firm has been doing better than anyone else for well over a century. Our eye for tailoring and detail is the reason Zink & Sons is still making suits today. With over 123 years of experience in this field we are the best in the business.

The main influences in our suits comes from the true Savile Row style and cut. In saying that, no effort is spared to incorporate any new and worthwhile fashion from other parts of the world into our tailoring.

Our Clients will commence by choosing their cloth from a wide selection of English and Italian woven fabrics and then look through a range of different styles and cuts to decide upon the most suitable. Unique patterns for each client are created and fittings throughout the process are a must. This assures we create that perfect fit on your suit.

Our bespoke suits will require 3-4 fittings and the process usually takes around 8-10 weeks.

For a better understanding of our bespoke suits please click here to view the process.