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Our semi-bespoke suits offer a step into the world of bespoke tailoring without the full-bespoke price tag or timeframe. Unique individual patterns are created with all our semi-bespoke suits and they are constructed with a handmade half canvased inner body. We make our semi-bespoke suits using all the same English and Italian fabrics as we use for our Full Bespoke suits. Our semi-bespoke suits are finished off by machine rather than by hand (buttonholes etc.) and without the intermediate baste fittings throughout the process. There a no limits in style choice for all our bespoke options, we can copy or tweak any design you wish.

This service is a great opportunity to move from the ready-to-wear or made to measure market and into the world of Bespoke Tailoring. With personal styling, fabric choice and detailed measurements, the fit of a semi-bespoke suit will blow any off-the-rack or made to measure suit out of the water (cooler).

Our semi-bespoke suits only require 1-2 fittings and the process usually takes around 6 weeks.