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Welcome to Zink & Sons Bespoke Tailoring – Sydney’s leading bespoke tailor. We have been dressing the gentlemen of Sydney since 1895 and have a reputation second to none, with our establishment now in its 6th generation under the ownership of Robert Jones and his son Daniel.

Robert started his days at Zink & Sons in the early ’60s as an apprentice tailor’s cutter to his father Bill and eventually worked his way up to become the front shop cutter after Bill’s retirement. Robert is very well educated in all the traditions of bespoke tailoring, from early techniques and styles to today’s more modern approach. He has been in the game now for more than fifty years, making him one of the most experienced tailors in the country.

Daniel started at Zink & Sons in early 2004, where his father taught him the art of cutting in the traditional English style. Daniel then moved on to coat-making and has continued to specialise in this field in the Zink & Sons workroom.

Daniel’s approach to tailoring is of the more modern approach. His eye for design and style are strong points and his continuous research into new styles from around the world assures Zink & Sons of their position at the forefront of the market.

Zink & Sons also benefits from the stewardship of master tailors Angelo and Michael, who each have over fifty years of experience in cutting and hand tailoring. These master tailors both began their experience in continental Europe before moving to Australia to further their careers.

All Zink & Sons customers are more than welcome to visit our workroom and meet our team of tailors.