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Zink & Sons offers full bespoke suits for women, as well as a bespoke shirt service.

The same process applies for women’s suits as with men’s suits. Customers can come in and look through an extensive range of English and Italian woven fabrics until they find their ideal choice for the occasion, you will also choose your desired style and cut. Women are very welcome to bring in their favorite existing suit, which we can copy or improve as you wish.

Women’s bespoke suits take four to six weeks with three to four fittings required. Our Women’s bespoke shirts have become more and more popular each year with women finding it harder to buy their ideal shirt off the rack.

Our women’s shirts are an art on its own which requires an approach completely different to Men’s. New techniques in the cutting as well as styling are combined to ensure the best drape and fit of a women’s shirt. Favorite existing shirts can also be brought along for the fitting to be copied or improved to ensure our client is getting exactly what they want. Bespoke shirts will take three weeks.