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Plenty of dry-cleaners out there do not know how to clean and press a luxury suit correctly. We have seen suits completely ruined by dry cleaners in the past so it is very important to have your Z&S suit cared for correctly. We can recommend selected dry-cleaners in the Sydney CBD and suburbs that offer exceptional dry-cleaning and pressing so you can be assured of the appropriate care for your suits.

If you have an existing Zink & Sons suit that needs cleaning, you can drop your suit into our store and we will happily take care of it for you. Our luxury dry clean and press service ensures that your suit will be carefully cleaned and hand pressed in the most caring and traditional way to prolong the life of your suit. (please note: our dry cleaning service is for Zink & Sons suits only)


Press only: $40
Dry-clean and Press: $60



  • Wear your suit no more than once a week. This lets your suit dry out and ensures the longest life of your suit.
  • Don’t dry clean your jacket as much as your trousers. Trousers’ require more cleaning than your jacket will.
  • Have your jacket pressed occasionally but not completely cleaned. The more you clean your jacket, the more you disrupt its natural fibres, which leads to a shorter life.


  • Wash your shirts in cold water and hang up to drip dry to prevent your cotton shirts from shrinking.
  • A steamed press is fine for cotton shirts as the steam helps remove creases while ironing.